Reservation in promotion in public posts not a FR: SC- THE HINDU- 09/02/2020 - PRELIMS


Supreme Court Judgment.


The SC emphasizing its past judgments has held that reservation in advancement in open posts cannot be claimed as a principal right.

The court has expressed that Articles 16 (4) and 16 (4-A) of the Structure does not bestow people with a principal right to claim reservation in advancement.

It as it were enables the State to form a reservation in things of arrangement and advancement in support of the Planned Castes and the Scheduled Tribes, as it were in the event that within the opinion of the State they are not satisfactorily spoken to within the services of the State.

The seat has held that State governments are not bound to create a reservation and have caution in providing reservations.

The judgment moreover famous that indeed the courts may not issue a mandamus coordinating the States to supply reservation.

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