Cyber Attacks in India - IE - 03/12/22

Recently, the premier medical institute in the country, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences New Delhi (AIIMS) was crippled by a major cyberattack.
-Cyberattacks are unwelcome attempts to steal, expose, alter, disable or destroy information through unauthorized access to computer systems.
-Typically, such forms of attacks to keep networks from functioning after encrypting data, are carried out by ransomware-seeking entities and organisations are sent demands which are often negotiated and paid without informing law enforcement.
-Cyberterrorism: It is often defined as any premeditated, politically motivated attack against information systems, programs and data that threatens violence or results in violence.

Reasons for increasing Cyber Attacks in India
-Increasing dependency on technology
-There’s a sophisticated use of cyberspace by terrorists
-Lack of robust law enforcement mechanisms
-Adverse relations with China
-Asymmetric and covert warfare
-Lack of International Coordination

Suggestive measures to mitigate cyberattacks:
-Cyber readiness
-Budgetary preference
-Need of the national cyber security strategy

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